Amplify Writing Internship

The mission of the Amplify Writing Internship is to highlight the mental and emotional health struggles of marginalized identities, cultures and communities. Student writers from across the US are invited to explore under-represented, misunderstood, or vulnerable perspectives by contributing to Supportiv’s Amplify collection.


Hi! We’re Supportiv, the digital peer support network for mental health and wellness. We connect people going through similar struggles so they can support each other, and we break down complex emotional issues into understandable, practical, tactical, how-to articles.

The goal of all Supportiv’s articles is to walk readers through the validation, knowledge, and ideas they need to feel self-empowered through struggles. The Amplify collection specifically seeks to explore under-represented, marginalized, or vulnerable perspectives intertwined with mental health. 

We’ve created an internship for student writers who are interested in addressing identity-related mental health topics, such as: disability, indigenous heritage, refugee status, persecuted or misunderstood religious identity, etc. Building a published writing portfolio is important for future career development, and we want to help amplify the voices of folks who can speak on these topics.

Who is this internship for?

  • Voices under-represented in the world of digital content, such as people of color, those of persecuted ethnic groups, those with disabilities, in the military, LGBTQIA+ folks, etc.
  • College students (including recently graduated Seniors) who understand that emotional health is intricate, and can synthesize these discussions in creative ways.

What will the internship look like?

Over the course of 6 weeks, interns will produce a comprehensive article to be published on Supportiv’s website.

  • Application open until Monday, August 1, 2022. Interns notified by August 2, 2022.
  • By appointment, an introductory Zoom meeting with Supportiv’s editorial lead will provide an overview of expectations, timeline, and other details (week of August 8, 2022)

Interns will complete 1-3 rounds of edits with editorial lead, via Zoom and email.

  • Draft 1 due week of August 15, 2022 
  • Draft 2 due week of August 29, 2022
  • Submit final edits by September 5, 2022

Each intern will receive a $100 stipend and a byline on, which has 250,000+ visitors per month. Backlinks to the author’s personal site also available.


  • Your article topic must highlight a mental/emotional health struggle associated with a marginalized identity, culture, or community; it may incorporate personal narrative in a way that increases the article’s value to readers.
  • You will research and reference credible psychology sources. 
  • You will solicit and incorporate firsthand expert input (recorded interview or quotes to back up or provide context for your points, actionable tips/suggestions from experts, etc – we are open to creative ideas!)
  • 2000 word minimum

How to apply:

  • Prepare your article pitch(es) using the template provided below. 
  • Complete the Google Form application here:
  • Upload requested pitch materials to the Google Form.
  • Applicants accepted on a rolling basis.

Your article pitch template:

Please familiarize yourself with the content topics we publish at Supportiv: Depression, Anxiety, Coping Tools, Stress Relief, Family Drama, Loneliness, etc. Your article should speak to any of these categories, within the context of marginalized identity or vulnerable group membership.

Your pitch should include:

  1. Sample title and three main bullet points for the article you’d like to write
  2. What specific audience are you speaking to? Who is the reader you’re writing to?
  3. 2-3 sentences summarizing why a reader would find your article valuable, in the context of marginalized identity.
  4. What will your article add to the existing conversation surrounding this topic?
  5. Who will you contact as featured experts for quotes, actionable advice, etc? Realistically, how will you reach them?

You may include multiple pitches with your application. Each pitch should include the above elements.