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“Helped me get things off my chest that I couldn’t normally say. I feel less lonely now. Less weight on my shoulders”

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“I left the chat smiling & feeling good about being strong another day.”

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“Gave me some videos that were stress relieving and helped me calm down”

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“Talking to real people about real problems made me feel so much better. There are people out there who care.”

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“I really get motivated and hopeful when I visit here and connect with strong people.”

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“I was lonely but having someone to tell about my issues and getting feedback helps a lot!”

–Always Anonymous

“I was afraid I would get slightly judged but I did not feel one ounce of judgement. Helped me tremendously”

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“It’s way easier to talk to someone who doesn't know you than to talk to someone who does.”

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“Calmed me down and listened to me better than my own therapist did!!!”

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“It makes me feel a lot better knowing there’s more people out there dealing with what I’m dealing with.”

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Caregivers deserve care too

Caregiver In Need Of Help? Here Are Some Options

Your health may be suffering, or you may feel yourself smoldering before burnout. The bottom line is: you need help. So, folks might ask, why don’t you take a break? Well, it’s obviously not that simple. The implication that you could just take a break whenever you need one? It’s sort of insultingly short-sighted. Whether you can balance outside work with your caregiving duties or not, it’s extremely difficult to build a financial cushion. Plus — if you were to take a

When The Person You Care For Refuses Professional Help

You spend a good portion of your time and energy working to minimize your loved one’s struggles. So when they decline professional help that could increase their independence (and your free time) you’re entitled to feel frustrated. Whether they refuse much-needed physical or emotional help, or fail to follow through on professional advice, here’s how you, their caregiver, can make things better–for both of you.  Their resistance hurts Bearing the burden of a loved one’s struggles is difficult, and even

Unpaid Caregivers: Easing Financial And Emotional Burdens

To talk about unpaid caregivers’ wellbeing, we have to talk about multiple job-holding. According to the CDC, “multiple job-holding is on the rise.” In other words, it’s become more and more common for people to have more than one job–often not to make extra spending money, but simply to make ends meet. The Census Bureau says that more than 8% of those in the United States require second and third jobs in order to keep afloat. That’s roughly 13.1 million

The Impact Of Caregiving On Your Physical And Mental Health

Whether you’re compensated for your work or not, the statistics don’t lie: caregiving can put a serious strain on your physical and mental health.  That doesn’t mean you have to give it up, and of course, that’s not always an option or desire. These statistics simply highlight the need for caregivers to approach their health proactively. There are solutions for caregivers’ struggles, and our hope with this collection of step-by-step articles is that you will find the motivation and tools

Caregiver Burnout: Avoid It, Or, Rise From The Ashes

Caregiver burnout might seem like a given–an unfortunate reality that these “strong” people can “deal with.” But what if you burn all the way out, to the point of no return? The show must still go on. Someone’s got to take care of your loved one, and you’re probably burnt out in the first place because you’re the only one available.  So, for your loved one’s sake and more importantly, your own, give your burnout some attention. Are you on

Caring For Someone Who Is Vocally Ungrateful

If you’re caring for someone who doesn’t appreciate your effort, who verbally abuses you, or who generally harms your emotional health, the ideal choice is to leave. At least, from the outsider’s perspective, it seems like that’s the case. However, it’s not always that easy.  So, if you can’t leave, aren’t ready to, or don’t want to, what can you do when someone’s vocally ungrateful for you and your care?  Leaving isn’t always a choice  Again, it may seem like

Maintaining Boundaries As A Caregiver: Go From Guilt To Glow

Caregivers continuously provide help for others who are unable to help themselves. Although the role is full of positive rewards and experiences, the role can tax your wellbeing without allowing opportunities for respite. In light of that reality, caregivers have to create whatever form of respite they hope to experience. Short of taking an extended break, one small way to give yourself respite is to set and maintain boundaries. Think of boundaries as your values, needs, and preferences, put into

Providing Care For Aging Parents: Navigate A New Dynamic

According to many, “successful aging” means aging independently, without anyone’s help. However, most folks over 70 require some form of assistance. In fact, it is rare for people to maintain all aspects of their lives without any extra care from professionals or loved ones as they age. But what does that mean for you, the caregiver for your aging parents? Suddenly you’re the more responsible one, the more level-headed one, or at the very least, the more physically capable one. Tension

Caregiving For Your Significant Other: Survive The Tension

Are your responsibilities as a caregiver a new dynamic between you and your significant other? Or have you been the default, caregiving for your partner since you can remember?  Whether caregiving is a new or long-standing dynamic in your relationship, it can come with unique challenges. As a caregiver, you might experience feelings of tension or even frustration. This can strain your emotional and physical health, and in some cases, the relationship you have with your partner.  The good news

Things You Think You Can’t Say As A Caregiver

Without acknowledging the unique difficulties you face, it’s hard to maintain emotional health. Alexandra Drane, Co-Founder and CEO of ARCHANGELS, describes how this truth impacts caregivers in particular: “Most caregivers rarely truly share the extent of their suffering, even when being a caregiver is almost killing them–literally.” There’s a real difference between complaining and naming the real pressures on your own wellbeing. Being a caregiver is objectively bitter-sweet; when we acknowledge the bitter, we’re not denying the sweet. This article

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Self care and tips to cope during the pandemic

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Marginalized struggles, amplified