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My organization doesn’t have Supportiv yet. Can I just pay?

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What does $15 get you these days??
3 large watermelons
A small cactus
A nice pair of socks
24 hours on Supportiv

Why isn’t this free?
We have a few reasons:
  • The technology we created to match peers who understand each other’s struggles, plus match relevant resources and services to needs, is highly sophisticated, unparalleled and, frankly, costly.
  • We extensively train and pay our moderators so everyone gets a supportive, troll-free, uplifting experience.
  • There are no annoying ads, which many sites use to generate revenue and keep the service “free.”
  • We don’t sell any user data, which happens on most “free” sites.
If you are truly unable to afford Supportiv, we still want to support you. Please email [email protected] for a code.