The Virtual Hug™ Chat Experience

We live in a hyper-connected world, and yet, in-person hugs are not available whenever and wherever we need them. When stress is unrelenting and your social support system is hard to access, how about a Virtual Hug™ chat experience from the Supportiv community to help you feel more comforted, reassured, and empowered?

Why do hugs feel so uplifting in our toughest moments? 

  1. Hugs relieve stress and are associated with better mood and life satisfaction
  2. Hugs show us that we are connected to other people who care about us
  3. A hug is a sign that support is there when we need it for moving forward

In a Supportiv peer-to-peer support chat, you can find the same stress relief, comfort, safety, mutual vulnerability, feeling of connection, and even support in navigating how to move forward. Unlike an in-person hug, a Virtual Hug™ chat experience from Supportiv is available 24/7/365 with less than a minute wait, from wherever you are.

A great, big hug would feel good right now, wouldn’t it? Supportiv is here for you for that. We’ll deliver the experience of support and compassion that you deserve.