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What If Attention Seeking Isn’t The Problem We Tend To Think It Is?

Have you ever been called an attention seeker? Have you used the phrase “attention seeker” to describe someone else? Recent discussion around attention-seeking points us to a truth that has always been the case: attention-seeking isn’t necessarily bad. Why isn’t attention seeking behavior the problem we tend to think it is?  The fact is that we all need attention. Attention from others is a natural human need. Social support has proven health benefits, and it’s vital to care for the

Here’s How Your Anxiety Is Lying To You

It can be challenging to separate the truth from anxiety’s deception. Many of us are unable to tell our “anxiety” voice from our “wise” voice. Anxiety’s lies create doubt, fear, and trepidation–even when there is no evidence to prompt these feelings.  Paradoxically, because of anxiety, we may be more vulnerable to anxiety’s baseless claims. If you already experience strange physical sensations, wonder if you’re crazy, and think at a mile a minute, it’s easier to believe that your worst case

Having Anxiety About Speaking Your Needs? 3 Ways To Handle It

In case you were wondering: asking for what you need is not selfish! So why does it feel that way sometimes? How can you express your needs, when doing so gives you anxiety? Why It’s Hard To Ask For What We Need Asking for what we want, need, and desire can be a downright daunting task. But why? One of the main reasons is anxiety! Anxiety can occur we feel worried about things that haven’t happened yet. For that reason,

You May Have An Anxious Attachment Style In Relationships Without Realizing

What does anxious attachment mean, why does it happen, and how can you challenge it–even if you never realized it applied to you? Anxious attachment is one of four main attachment styles, which are patterns of relating to others, usually formed in childhood.  Most of the time, when you hear about anxious attachment, you will think of associated behaviors such as asking for constant reassurance, feelings of low self-esteem or insecurity, and clinginess. However, anxious attachment goes beyond these obvious

What To Know About Health Anxiety And When To Trust Your Gut

Many of us have felt shamed for worrying too much about our health. However, health anxiety isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even if your concern isn’t serious, it’s often worth checking. So when is health anxiety warranted? When and how should you advocate for yourself, to minimize stigma when seeking care? Ignoring symptoms carries risk, and sometimes your gut is right From cancer to unplanned pregnancies, sometimes symptoms arise seemingly out of nowhere. Without a clear cause, one might be

Redefining Anxiety: Less Straightforward Symptoms

How can we redefine anxiety by identifying symptoms anyone can have–without having a full-blown disorder? What signs might point to anxiety you don’t even know you have? Not only are anxiety disorders among the most common mental health conditions, but 30% of adults will experience anxiety in their life. Anxiety disorders include but aren’t limited to generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia. There are also related disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder

Yes, I Have Anxiety: How To Talk About Anxiety With Others

If you can say “Yes, I have anxiety,” you probably know you’re not alone. But, when it’s hard to talk about your experience, the isolation you feel is real. In this article: Explore why it might feel hard to talk about anxiety. Then, get ideas for how to open up and start the discussion – once you’re ready. Understandable reasons why it’s hard to talk about anxiety Mental health stigma can make it hard to talk about anxiety, and that

How To Deal With Anxiety During COVID and Other Pandemic-Level Crises

Life has changed for billions of people around the world. As droves of people struggle to address practical matters in a post-pandemic world, we cannot not ignore the toll that pandemics have taken (and continue to take) on our mental and overall health. If you have been feeling increased anxiety about covid or even monkeypox, you are not alone. Dawn Brown, director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) HelpLine, reports the line has seen “an uptick” in calls

What Does High Functioning Anxiety Look Like At Work?

Maybe you don’t see yourself as an anxious person. However, high-functioning anxiety is a different beast than run-of-the-mill anxiety. Many signs of high-functioning anxiety can actually be seen as positive, so they can be difficult to notice–but their negative effects, unchecked, will eventually demand attention.   What are some less obvious signs of high functioning anxiety at work? How can you tell if you have it, and what does that mean for your wellbeing in the workplace? What is high

Existential Crisis, Anxiety, Or Dread? Inner Tools To Find Relief

Every now and then, we’re going about our lives until suddenly, an intrusive thought hits us like a truck: “What is the meaning of my life?” “Do I have a purpose?” “What’s the point of all this?” When everything seems absurd, pointless, and you don’t feel like it’ll ever change? That’s certainly fuel for an existential crisis. It’s natural for thoughts like this to wander in and out, but often, these thoughts seep deeper into our minds and overwhelm us