The healing power of a single conversation

Just a few words about your struggle for human connections and hyper-personalized resources to appear. That’s Conversational Care® — powered by patented technology.

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For everyday struggles.

We’ve helped 1.8 million feel better - 24/7

Depression reduced
Anxiety lowered
Optimism increased

Conversational Care® is the difference

The antidote to transactional healthcare. Conversational Care® re-humanizes us and delivers personalized support.

Precision Peer Support®

Our peer-to-peer support resolves mental, emotional, and social struggles for pennies on the dollar compared to clinical approaches. With multi-patented capabilities, we match individuals into real-time, live-moderated small group conversations that progress from venting to coping to problem-solving to healing. The experience is enhanced by real-time links appearing for exactly the right resources, matching people’s expressed needs, from the world’s first taxonomized library of practical, tactical self-help resources.

Uplifting, remotivating, and re-energizing, all in a single conversation.
Uplifting, remotivating, and re-energizing, all in a single conversation.

Natural Language Navigation®

Supportiv radicalizes how easily members and employees can find the resource, benefit, or service they need, at the exact moment they need it. Using multi-patented AI, Supportiv understands expressed needs within conversational contexts to route individuals to the right resource instantaneously.

People just talk about what they need. Then we do the rest.
People just talk about what they need. Then we do the rest.

Pioneering a new kind of care

Healing conversations among peers with shared lived experience, safeguarded and facilitated in real-time with proven stepped-care.

Matched with peers through advanced AI

Answer just one simple question to get precisely matched with peers with relevant life experiences via cutting-edge natural language understanding technology.

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Exact resources.
Exactly when they’re needed

As the conversation unfolds, hyper-personalized resources appear in real-time, based on expressed needs, drawn from over 30,000+ articles, videos, podcasts, tools and exercises.

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Peer supported.
Moderator facilitated

Fully synchronous conversations facilitated in real-time by moderators with clinical oversight ensuring participants get the care they need in a safe, supportive environment.

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A proven process
for healing

Using our empathy-driven conversational arc, participants develop coping skills, collaborate to find solutions, identify healing techniques, and receive useful referrals to progress forward.

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In their own words

Woke up at 5am very stressed, got onto this website, talked through my issue and arrived at a resolution that makes me feel so much better. Feeling confident bc now I know what to do.
Always Anonymous
Saying I feel better is an understatement. Sometimes my emotions get so loud especially with so much going on at once. The moderator was kind and patient and provided excellent resources.
Always Anonymous
10/10 loved it. Loved my moderator and loved having people with similar issues who also responded very supportively. Will use again.
Always Anonymous
After having the moderator and other people in the chat listening and responding to my situation, I felt heard and my heart felt lighter. I definitely walked out of here with a positive attitude.
Always Anonymous

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