We’re building a support network for everyone. Join in!

Join our team of independent thinkers and action-takers who support each other while delivering products & services that support those who need it most.

We’re building a support network for <b>everyone</b>. Join in!

What most people don’t know about Supportiv

>1M individuals served

For four years, we’ve grown to serve over 1.8 million individuals and name-brand enterprises, including two Fortune 5 partners.

Founder-led and owned

The company is still led by its founders with no outside pressure to put profits before people/employees. Everything we’ve created has been with a sustainable business model from day one, free from the outside influence that can create excessive pressure for employees.

Cutting edge technology

What users see and experience intentionally looks and feels simple. What’s under the hood is bleeding-edge technology.

Transformational IP

We have developed groundbreaking intellectual property and have filed four patents and seven trademarks…learn more once you’ve joined!

Our values

Commitment to a safe, equitable, and fun workplace

Supportiv is fully committed to providing a safe and equitable work experience regardless of gender, racial or ethnic identification, age, location, or disability.

Furthermore, we have a commitment to fun! The Supportiv team recognizes that humanity, play, and professionalism are not mutually exclusive.

Everyone on the team has a good-natured and open-minded sense of humor. Never fear introducing us to your pets, your pesky in-laws, your newest gadgets, or even your beloved collection of oddities. In the words of Mr. Rogers, if it’s human, it’s mentionable.

At Supportiv, memes, jokes, and general playfulness abound. Don’t be surprised by celebrity cardboard cut-out appearances or the occasional round of Cards Against Humanity.

Embracing youthful curiosity, wonder, and speculation is encouraged.

What some of our >1.8 million users say about us:

“I will NEVER forget how this just changed my life for the better. I am forever grateful for talking to me and actually caring and helping me. I feel better after that talk than I have in probably my whole life.”
Always Anonymous
“Saying I feel better is an understatement. Sometimes my emotions get so loud especially with so much going on at once. The moderator was kind and patient and provided excellent resources.”
Always Anonymous
“Calmed me down and listened to me better than my own therapist did!!! Made me feel much better. Loved it.”
Always Anonymous
“I feel more confident in myself after talking. It was helpful to me and I hope that others in difficult times could tell someone here because I know that they will help.”
Always Anonymous

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