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Key under-served segments of the population have critical mental, emotional and social support needs. Yet, they’re reluctant to engage with “regular” services due to inaccessibility, marginalization, stigmatization within their communities, and/or the paternalism rampant in clinical care. The resulting costs of this reluctance – in both financial and wellbeing terms – are astronomical.

Can we use tech to enable equity in mental health care (“techquity”), creating more inclusive access? Supportiv’s answer: Yes, we can – with a zero-barrier peer support network that achieves broad engagement across nearly all marginalized communities and delivers clinical-grade outcomes at pennies-on-the-dollar of typical behavioral health care costs.

Precision Peer SupportⓇ always-open chats have proven effective as a welcoming means for individuals develop tools for coping with, problem-solving, and healing from their struggles. Those who are most underrepresented in traditional care settings can connect with peers who share similar life situations and struggles, plus get hyper-personalized resources at the exact moment they need them. Anonymously, and on their own timetables, 24/7.

No-judgment support.
Every hour of every day.

Zero-barrier access

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Just type in free text what it is you want to talk about.

Precision matching

Get matched with concurrent users using topic analysis. Immediate human connection in a small group, professionally moderated and safeguarded chat.

Hyper-targeted resources

No random one-size-fits-all tips here. Only hyper-personalized recommendations and referrals, based on exactly what you express you need in the chat.

Equitable care through connection

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I felt they understood me even with all my dumb issues, it was wonderful talking and if I have anymore unforseen lonely moments I know where to find a good chat
Always Anonymous
The conversation helped me find a direction in which to solve my problems. I now have a better understanding of how to get better
Always Anonymous
The people were really nice and helpful, finding articles and sources that I can use to help myself.
Always Anonymous
It was nice to talk work through my emotions. The anonymity really helped since I personally dont think I could come to people I know about this kind of stuff
Always Anonymous

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