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Amid a youth mental health crisis, students are generally allocated only a limited number of sessions with a counselor. Even then, student health centers and adolescent specialists are overwhelmed and often unable to accommodate new patients. Stigma has faded, but need has exploded, especially around loneliness and belonging. Schools and universities can fill the gap with Supportiv’s around-the-clock, sub-clinical peer support with zero access constraints.

Precision Peer Support® is proven effective at engaging marginalized demographics, and helping all students collaboratively develop tools to cope with, problem-solve, and heal from their struggles.

Now students can connect with peers who share similar school or life struggles, plus get hyper-personalized resources at the exact moment they need them. Anonymously, and on their own timetables, with clinical-grade outcomes.

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Get matched with concurrent users using topic analysis. Immediate human connection in a small group, professionally moderated and safeguarded chat.

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No random one-size-fits-all tips here. Only hyper-personalized recommendations and referrals, based on exactly what you express you need in the chat.

Helping students succeed through connection

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Woke up at 5am very stressed, got onto this website, talked through my issue and arrived at a resolution that makes me feel so much better. Feeling confident bc now I know what to do.
Always Anonymous
Saying I feel better is an understatement. Sometimes my emotions get so loud especially with so much going on at once. The moderator was kind and patient and provided excellent resources.
Always Anonymous
10/10 loved it. Loved my moderator and loved having people with similar issues who also responded very supportively. Will use again.
Always Anonymous
After having the moderator and other people in the chat listening and responding to my situation, I felt heard and my heart felt lighter. I definitely walked out of here with a positive attitude.
Always Anonymous

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