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Always anonymous
im calm again and no longer feel like im struggling to breathe
The community is very good especially the moderator I got. I do feel a lot lighter now.
i feel more supported and acknowledged of how i feel
it feels nice to tell people about my thoughts and feelings. i will be returning :DD
This is my first time on this website and it was better than I expected. I genuinely am leaving with a smile on my face and a lighter heart.
I absolutely love "Supportiv" and of course the moderators. Thank you all so so much!
i feel alot better and motivated!
WAS AMAZING oh my god. So welcoming and understanding.
I loved my moderater, so sweet and i felt safe to vent

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Supportiv testimonials are from real users who were struggling. These user reviews show how people feel right after using Supportiv’s anonymous online peer support chats, often reflecting major differences from when they arrived. When exiting a chat, users get the option to provide anonymous feedback, so you know that their Supportiv reviews are unfiltered opinions. No need to butter anyone up when you’re always 100 percent anonymous. From the trustworthy moderators to troll-free chat groups, from the hyper-targeted resources to tips from peers, from its 24/7 availability to instant access, and all the way to the safety and security of Supportiv’s platform–these reviews cover it all, giving you a peek into the Supportiv chat experience. What do Supportiv reviews highlight most often? Some common mentions include: relief, resources to help, getting things off my chest, change of perspective, help assessing my situation, non-judgmental, insightful, understanding, no biases, feeling motivated, feel cared about and safe, life changing experience, feel needed and loved, sort out thoughts, uplifted, encouraged, feels good to vent, and more. Want to know more about…

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