We’re the co-founders of Supportiv.
 We’re the co-founders of Supportiv.

It may feel like no one –not even your doctor– has time to listen to you, to talk about what’s going on and peel back the layers, and to brainstorm solutions with you. But we do. This is what we do: all day, every day, even in the middle of the night.

And it’s not just for health topics. We see things differently: 

Broken hearts. Gaps in communication. Crushed spirits. Frustration. Confusion. Nothingness…

All of your daily life struggles matter to us.

There have been times in our own lives when we didn’t know where to turn. Or what resources we could trust. So we built this *anonymous* always-open, zero-judgment network because we wanted it to exist in the world as a safe haven.

This isn’t therapy. We love therapists, and therapy offers many benefits. (But, it’s not right for everyone). This also is not a place to receive a diagnosis or treat anyone’s mental health.

Connecting with peers going through the same life struggle has been proven as useful, and often more effective than therapy, in dozens of clinically-validated research studies.

Supportiv is *better* than real-life peer support—easier to access, more precise, and quicker to help. It’s what we call Precision Peer Support®.

Here you can vent, unwind, de-stress, and feel supported… all without anyone knowing who you are!

One of our core beliefs is when you want support, you shouldn’t have to give away your identity or fill out forms or assessments or even “quizzes” as a required first step. Ugh! That’s why we invented a radically simpler new way.

Just answer one single question: "What's your struggle?"

And no matter what you respond, real people are standing by to help you, within about 30 seconds.

We created our very own matching magic to ensure you chat with people who relate and understand what you’re going through. And then we invented even more matching magic to get you the exact right resources that’ll help you cope with, problem-solve, and heal from what you’re going through.

We’re all human. Genuine human-to-human connection is what matters in this world.

Sometimes we just need support …a virtual hug… some comfort and kindness.

You don’t have to feel alone in what you’re going through.

So far over 1.8 million people like you have come here for support.

Real people, just like you.

With real struggles, precisely like yours.

For real-time kindness, plus hyper-personalized tips and resources.

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