Sometimes it may feel impossible to figure out what to do. A new hurdle in your life may have cropped up, or you may be dealing with a problem that has followed you your whole life. Either way, it is okay to feel stuck, confused, and frustrated.

Feeling like you have nowhere to go, you may isolate, retreat into your own mind and allow your problems to take control over you. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

What is Supportiv?

Supportiv is a unique platform on which you can anonymously engage with people all around the world. You can always find someone to talk to! Whatever thoughts are swarming in your head, you can access a non-judgmental outlet for them. The Supportiv community is here for you.

Why Supportiv?

When it comes to addressing a difficult situation, there are many approaches. And it may seem very daunting to figure it out by yourself. Supportiv can be a place where you organize your thoughts and form a plan of action. It can also be place where you vent and express any type of feeling without having to justify it. Your feelings are worth hearing out and Supportiv will take you seriously.

Peer Support and Real Change

Every person is at a different place in their lives. Peer support is a valuable tool because it offers perspectives that you may have not thought of on your own. Supportiv’s concept of anonymized peer support is unlike many other mental health platforms. Our moderators are always here too, to listen to whatever you have to say with patience and understanding.

Regardless of what you’re going through, you don’t have to feel stuck. Deciding on what to do, taking that first step, and making consistent efforts towards your goals are some of the hardest parts of self-change. But you don’t have to feel alone. Supportiv can be there for every step of your journey! We can help you help yourself.

Written by: Merusha Mukherjee