Supportiv’s new article collection shares tips and thoughtful ideas about all things loneliness: from feeling lonely around friends, to depression and loneliness, to lacking the confidence to keep up connections.

Even empty nesters can find understanding and coping tools for lonely days.

A shocking number of US adults rate themselves as at least moderately lonely — 75%, or three in four people you know, according to researchers at UC San Diego.

Loneliness has almost become the norm – and that’s hurting all of us. So this article collection asks: How did we get here? What do we do now? And what can we do in the moment when we’re feeling lonely?

Find ideas and answers in articles like:

Loneliness: It’s Not Just You
There Is No Shame In Feeling Lonely
Build Confidence To Combat Loneliness
Feeling Lonely Around Friends? Try This
Veterans Continue Their Fight At Home – Against Loneliness
To Feel Less Lonely, Talk About It
Loneliness and Social Anxiety: The Connection Is Not A Curse
Lonely Empty Nesters: Adjusting To Me-Time
Tools For When Loneliness Strikes
Alone vs. Lonely: To Those Who Enjoy Being Alone
Am I Depressed Or Am I Lonely?

In the full release, Pouria Mojabi, Supportiv Co-Founder shares an important reminder:

“In Supportiv’s anonymous, moderated peer support chats, barriers like stigma, judgment, logistics and cost disappear. We want those who are alone, to know that we are here to chat 24/7.”

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