Supportiv’s new aging resource collection speaks directly to the over-60 population with peer perspectives and nuanced emotional wellbeing tips–to navigate later life’s changing priorities, social roles, and emotional needs.

As we mature, first during puberty then mid-life and now later life, aging-related emotional struggles arise in the absence of resources to handle transition and uncertainty.

Addressing these later life emotional issues proactively is key to unlocking the possibilities that may arise. It’s not necessarily that you need more emotional support as you age, but changing perspectives on self-efficacy, relationships, and sense of purpose alter the kinds of support and contexts in which you need emotional boosts.

Later life can be considered a liminal period, a concept often also applied to teenagers going off to college, or to veterans returning from combat. A liminal period is a time when new possibilities reveal themselves to you, and you’re presented with opportunities to change the status quo. As you realize you’re maturing, you have a chance to reassess and set yourself up for emotional wellness.

Helena Plater-Zyberk, Supportiv CEO & Co-Founder discusses a proactive approach to growing older: “Research shows that people often unlock a greater sense of purpose and wellbeing later in life. But we don’t just stumble into self-fulfillment. Just like navigating any period of growth, success in later life takes resources and a concerted effort. That’s why Supportiv has created this collection of later life self-empowerment resources.”

Browse Supportiv’s newly published aging collection, with titles including:

Supportiv Co-Founder Pouria Mojabi adds: “Many believe that humans evolved to live beyond middle age, because society needed people with experience and perspective in order to maintain healthy social groups–within families, communities, and societies at large. Supportiv asks how can we help you step into your new role? And minimize the impact of any worries and emotional challenges that arise?”

Find guidance through life’s changing priorities, social roles, and emotional needs in the full collection, or read the full press release here.