In plenty of time for Valentine’s Day, Supportiv has just released a new article collection on relationship struggles — whether you’re single, dating, or partnered up, the collection covers it.

In a press release, Co-Founder Helena Plater-Zyberk explains the reasoning for this set of articles with, “Whether you’re single, dating, or partnered up, the flurry of activity around Valentine’s Day creates opportunities for negative feelings of comparison, jealousy, and shame. We, at Supportiv, want everyone to know that there’s joy even in the single life, hardship even in love, and solutions to all the relationship problems in between.”

Co-Founder Pouria Mojabi chimes in with, “I hope this set of articles will help our users move through challenges.”

Article topics include how to cope with jealousy, meeting your significant other’s family, a survival guide for long distance relationships, deciding if you actually like your date, and so much more.

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