In a recent Lifewire article, Supportiv data scientist Zara Dana contends that AI can help improve human empathy, but not replace it outright.

In a piece examining AI’s capacity as an emotional tool, Dana notes that while AI has a lot to offer humans in the realm of emotions, we cannot rely on it to fully replace human empathy. As such, she describes how Supportiv uses AI to help train human moderators, rather than relying on AI to take the reigns:

“Using AI, Supportiv trains its moderators to be adept at spotting the intensity of emotional needs. ‘Empathy is a muscle we build,’ Zara Dana, a data scientist at Supportiv, said in an email interview. ‘If we start using a crutch for walking, our muscles will atrophy.

‘I can’t help but wonder, would a dependent worker feel confident if the AI system is not online one day? Is she able to do her job effectively? What are the long-term effects on the workers? How would they navigate complex social situations where the AI is absent?'”

Read the full article on Lifewire, here.