Even if your job makes you unhappy, choosing whether or not to leave it can drag on. Brit + Co helps you decide, with a key tip from our Supportiv co-founder.

When all the signs to leave fly in your face, you might still resist making the call: “We’re taught to persevere and to stick with things, which can make it super difficult to have a clear picture of whether or not we should actually leave a job,” says Brit + Co writer Alli Hoff Kosik.

Once you stop worrying about how it looks to quit, you can accurately decide whether to peace out. The article walks the reader through 14 ways to make a personal judgement on what next step to take.

Sign Number 13:You’re sick of being involved in emotional office drama,” is where Supportiv weighs in. 

“It sometimes feels good to have a pulse on all the office gossip or to be trusted by coworkers with personal and emotional issues, but becoming the unofficial office therapist gives you a whole extra job to do and takes a toll on your mental and emotional energy,” Supportiv co-founder Helena Plater-Zyberk notes.

As Brit + Co adds, “It’s okay to feel like you want to remove yourself from this situation. You can maintain those relationships — and perhaps become an even better sounding board — once you’ve found yourself a new position.”

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We fully support you in deciding to start a new chapter, and know someone to talk about it with makes all the difference.

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