Readers get some great perspective from The Frisky on how to keep emotionally stable during the drama-inducing holidays, including a tip to try Supportiv for calming peer support!

As the writer notes: “The list of things that can go awry in the holiday season can seem endless; it might help to keep in mind that while you can’t control how others behave, you can control how you react to them. If you feel supported, loved and empowered, you can always come back to it when things get tough.”

“Don’t lose heart,” says the piece. “There are many people going through the same pains that you are. You can express your struggles freely on peer support websites like Supportiv. You can also choose to do so anonymously, and learn more about how to cope up with your pains. You never know, it might change you totally as a person, and you might emerge out feeling stronger than ever…”

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