Elite Daily recently got some advice from our co-founder Helena Plater-Zyberk on how to squash that party anxiety and find confidence on a night out in the town.

Some of the wisdom the article offers includes:

  • Let’s be real with ourselves. For example, everyone’s at the party for themselves, so they don’t have time to focus on you (or your flaws).
  • Give yourself some self-love.
  • Prepare yourself. Let your bestie know you might struggle.
  • Look out for the single people. Helena gets a shout out here mentioning how so many *other* people get nervous at parties that they’ll be grateful if you tag team the party with them.
  • You’ve got this. Just don’t forget to take a breath.
  • Don’t try too hard to chill. It’s OK!
  • Just go for it because practice makes perfect!

If you want the nitty-gritty of everything you can do to not feel so overwhelmed at parties, check out the full article and then join Supportiv members to generate more ideas!

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