Our Supportiv co-founder, Helena Plater-Zyberk, was just featured by the Huffington Post in an article filled with expert tips “for when grief, family issues, or distance from loved ones make the holidays unbearable.”

Some of the expert ideas include:

  • 1. Engaging in fun activities
  • 2. Planning alternatives early
  • 3. Hosting a party
  • 4. Exercising
  • 5. Volunteering and giving back
  • 6. Honoring traditions
  • 7. Checking in with yourself
  • 8. Supporting others in the same situation
  • 9. Limiting social media use
  • 10. Focusing on gratitude
  • 11. Treating yourself to some self-care

To read in detail about what these experts have to say, head on over to https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/holiday-loneliness_us_5bfe9f58e4b030172fa90d40 

To contact the author, email Anisha Makhija at anisha@supportiv.com