At this year’s Health+Wealth of America conference, Supportiv CEO and Co-Founder Helena Plater-Zyberk was invited to speak on fulfilling the need for affordable and accessible mental healthcare during the stressful COVID era.

Helena’s presentation focused on COVID’s strain on mental health, noting how COVID has highlighted limits to mental healthcare such as cost and time constraints. She also provided low-cost and realistic tips such as spending time in nature, serving others through volunteering, and connecting with others via peer support. 

Her discussion additionally addressed the pre-COVID shortage of mental health professionals along with individual beliefs that keep people from seeking therapy. Helena noted that many people fear the stigma of a diagnosis and prefer friendship, but highlighted the issue that close friendships are also missing in many people’s lives. 

While loneliness continues to affect many people as COVID lockdowns continue, platforms like Supportiv provide a much needed combination of para-professional care with the aspect of privacy and peer friendship.  

If you would like to watch Helena’s entire talk, please see the video here.