Supportiv co-founder, Helena Plater-Zyberk, offered Business Insider insights for an article naming reasons why moving on from a breakup is so hard. 

Some of the main reasons include:

  • Scared of being single again (Helena encourages you to talk these fears through with someone, as it is unfortunately easy to feel negative about yourself after a break-up.)
  • Not having someone to turn to anymore
  • Still talking to your ex
  • Your relationship status was a factor in your self-worth (Helena chimes in again here talking about how a fresh start being single is hard but feasible.)
  • Being social media friends with your ex
  • Thinking your relationship was better than it actually was (Helena explains that it’s easy to get hung up on the idea that your ex was the soulmate that got away, but you don’t know what kind of amazing relationship might be around the corner.)
  • Being focused on the negatives

Helena helps conclude the article by making it clear that “being single opens up new possibilities,” and encouraging you to start planning the new parts of your life surrounded by friends, family, and all the interests and projects they now have time for! To read more, check out

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