In a recent article, Occupational Health and Safety Online considers how Essential Workers’ mental health will continue to be impacted even after the Coronavirus, and how the unmet need for care can be met by resources like Supportiv.

The article discusses Supportiv’s sharp increase in user numbers after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, illustrating how many more people are seeking mental wellbeing support than ever before. The author points out how:

“For many essential workers, like retail workers for example, their jobs require that they work long shifts, for not much pay, around many customers—and usually while working on your feet. Under normal circumstances, these jobs are stressful. Given the current pandemic and health crisis, these jobs are exceptionally stressful.”

Essential workers are under exceptional stress, often without the time or means to seek support and care. Their struggles may be more likely to spiral into crisis — a result which may be avoided by using accessible, on-demand tech for mental wellness like Supportiv.

The full article can be found here for more!