The ABCs Of Disability Planning Podcast recently featured a rundown on Supportiv’s resources for those grappling with the emotional impact of disability.

Supportiv’s Head of Content joined Eric of True North Disability Planning, to speak about emotional wellbeing when you or someone you know has a disability–and how hard it can be to access care if you’re not abled, cis, white, or male.

True North Disability Planning is a site that helps families “navigate the maze of benefits, resources, and services” that may help when one has a disability. Eric helps people get through systems of bureaucracy to find the right resources to help with disability-related struggles–whether it’s finances, healthcare, mental health, or parenting a child with a disability.

Supportiv shares this mission, as an outlet for people who would prefer to talk about tough parts of life in a safe space and receive recommendations for helpful resources – without jumping through hoops or being scrutinized.

As described on the ABC’s of Disability Planning Podcast:

“We all stress about work, relationships, health, and other daily life struggles, but we don’t always have someone to talk to or someone who understands and is willing to listen. That’s what led to the creation of Supportiv.

Supportiv is a live chat 24/7 where you get matched with others facing similar struggles in a small group, making it easier than ever to talk to people who can relate to exactly what you’re going through.

It’s completely anonymous, so you can feel comfortable opening up about what’s really weighing you down…Each small group has a trained moderator who ensures a safe, positive, troll-free, and judgment-free environment. You’ll also receive helpful tips, how-to’s, recommendations, and resources, all in real-time. Relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and mindfulness content will appear, without having to spend time hunting for them.”

In summary, why is Supportiv a helpful option for those struggling with both disability and mental health? “People with disabilities may find more luck in community-based forms of care like peer support. Online peer support, like that offered through Supportiv, is accessible 24/7 and can be more affordable than more traditional mental health solutions.”

For more information, listen to the full podcast recording, read about True North Disability Planning, or check out Supportiv’s collection of Disability resources.