In a recent Medium piece, Supportiv expounded on the wildly popular TV series Ted Lasso and what take aways there are from the show’s depiction of male mental health.

For a TV show, Ted Lasso offers myriad lessons on healthy emotions. For men who haven’t traditionally learned how to nurture healthy emotion, the show is a treasure trove of relatable wisdom on all kinds of necessary skills: “how to be a supportive friend, and how to build that peer support system for yourself: honestly, vulnerability, having someone’s back, letting people autonomously work through their feelings, being a safe space for each other when the world is harsh.”

Helena Plater-Zyberk, Supportiv CEO, describes the lessons of Ted Lasso in the context of masculine emotion:

“For a show ostensibly about sports, the sports narrative is decidedly in the background. Ted’s a quirky yet entirely predictable character. What’s most notable about him is that his EQ is off the charts.

Ted’s keenly aware of the mental health of those around him. He studies their feelings, and seeks to understand what motivates them. What Ted and the rest of the characters do as the series unfolds is open up about their emotions. One CNN writer casually referred to the show as a ‘mental health bomb.’

Taking a step back, Ted Lasso is a parable on mental health, set in a masculine world. Why and how to care about what each other are feeling. How to show up for people when it matters. How to help when someone you know is struggling. The show models vulnerability and authenticity. It breadcrumbs how to be a good friend. How to let go of demons. It shows viewers, especially guys, how to support each other.”

Supportiv has covered the potential of TV to influence our emotional wellbeing. By exposing ourselves to examples of positive interaction, we empower ourselves and learn more about our own behavior. If that’s something you’re interested in, Ted Lasso may be a good place to start.

To read more about the mental health lessons within Ted Lasso, read the full piece on Medium, here.