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You have a work network and a social network.
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Choosing To Change Unhealthy Habits

Unhealthy habits make our lives harder than they need to be. However, it’s also hard to change unhealthy habits. So how can you make the choice and cultivate motivation to change? As earth dwellers, habits are a part and parcel of our existence. Habits are what make us who we are and help us understand more about our unique personality, strengths, and weaknesses.  Habits, like a lot of things in the world, can be both positive and negative in nature. 

Bite-Sized Burnout Prevention Measures

We live in a world that breeds burnout. So how can you take small measures on a daily basis to prevent these symptoms from escalating? How can you prevent a full-on burnout crisis? To start, consider which factors contribute to burnout in the first place. Then we’ll cover bite-sized ways to block these roots of burnout. What increases your risk of burnout? over-extending yourself personally or professionally skipping meals only using passive relaxation self-isolating lack of social support avoiding rest

Re-Balance Yourself With A Life Inventory

Do you spend adequate time on the things that reward you most? Or, like most adult humans, do you sometimes dedicate extra energy to activities that zap your lifeforce? A life inventory can help you take stock of and rebalance your priorities.

Stop Procrastination Before It Stops You

We have to take action to achieve our goals. However, how many of us plan to take action but struggle to actually follow through? If we know what we have to do, how come it is so hard to do it? And how can we stop procrastinating before it harms us and those around us? Signs you may be struggling with procrastination Waiting until the last minute to do important tasks Postponing small tasks repeatedly Struggling to find excuses Stepping

Emotional Readiness To Work After A Vacation

Going back to work after time off can be surprisingly difficult. Next vacation, use these steps to ease your return to the daily grind. Vacations can reduce stress and improve mood, and it is essential that we all have the time we need to recharge. However, the vast majority of us have experienced a downside to vacation–as your time off comes to an end, you realize that you don’t feel ready to return to work. It’s common to feel stress

How To Be Proud Of Your Work Ethic Without Burning Out

When you thrive, you can help your team thrive. So how can you proudly show your work ethic and how much you care–without burning out? It’s easy to feel like you have to give everything you have in order to demonstrate a good work ethic. However, taking care of yourself is also a major component of being a go-getter. As we’ve all heard the concept of putting on one’s own oxygen mask first, sometimes doing your best means *not* giving

Enlist Others As An Anti-Procrastination Tactic: Body Doubling

It’s frustrating when you want to get something done but can’t seem to do it. Body doubling, a tool largely popularized within the online ADHD community, may be able to help.  Although it is a method that many people with ADHD use to combat executive dysfunction, body doubling can be of use for virtually anyone who struggles with procrastination, regardless of the cause. “Body doubling” might sound strange, but it’s a simple technique where you use the presence of someone

Do This To Get Yourself Out Of The House

You could almost survive without ever leaving the house, nowadays. Amazon brings you toilet paper and tissues, free shipping abounds, and Postmates has your food covered (who likes doing dishes, anyways?). But there’s evidence in theory, and from people who do it, that getting out of the house almost always makes depression and anxiety feel better. Regardless of why you struggle to leave your comfort zone, it’s worth it to try. Find motivation, below. Need Motivation? Consider The Possibilities I

Don’t Care About Anything? Enjoy Life Again

Have you ever felt that everything you do has lost all its substance? Like “I don’t care about anything,” because there’s no enjoyment or pleasure in doing it? A surprising number of us feel this way. Whether your experience is depression-related or rooted in something else, there’s a name for it: anhedonia. And the exercise below can help you beat it right away. It’s worth taking a look at what anhedonia is, how it happens to you, and a foolproof

Rediscover Your Passions Post-Retirement

With newfound time and a financial cushion (hopefully) accounted for, what possibilities does retirement hold for your wellbeing? How can you invest your freed up attention into emotional fulfillment? One strategy is to rediscover old passions. What did you enjoy as a child? Or as a 20-something? Or a few years ago? Life has a way of knocking us off-track, making us forget about all the possibilities we once imagined. Over time, have there been any parts of your burgeoning

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