How To Stay Close With Your Partner Through Tough Times

Bustle writer Carolyn Steber shares 11 tips on how to stay connected to your partner during tough times — including a suggestion from Supportiv’s co-founder, Helena Plater-Zyberk.

When you’re going through something together, as a couple, the piece mentions how important some extra effort can be. Strategizing might end up saving your relationship!

In step 5, Helena cautions against ambushing your partner with important conversations:

“Agree to pre-set time on the calendar when it’s mutually convenient to talk about what’s going on . . . Center the talk-time around a simple activity that you can both look forward to — a stroll in the park, or a visit to an ice cream shop. With pre-planning, you’ll bring the tension down and reduce friction in talking about tough circumstances.”

Read the full article, here, or hit Chat Now to talk about the tough times you’re going through!

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