Meet Conversational Care™

Healthcare today is provided by overworked clinicians and staff trying to meet the needs of ever-increasing patient caseloads. As a patient, you seek time, attention, and support but, given the circumstances, you get brief evaluations and abrupt explanations. 

What’s missing? 

Listening. Time for exploration. Empathy… Conversation. 

In 2018, Supportiv’s founders agreed that people should simply be able to talk about what they are going through –in non-clinical, everyday language– and get supportive care, resources, and/or service referrals, in that exact moment, that match their mental or physical health need. 

That format should be a conversation among people who identify with what you’re going through and understand your struggles. 

Supportiv delivers peer-to-peer Conversational Care™ that is underpinned by sophisticated natural language understanding (NLU) and guided by human empathy via real-time, professional moderation.  

Multi-party Conversational Care™ is preferable over chatbots, live customer service chat agents, and/or push notifications because of its authentic human touch. In a conversation, there’s the time to peel back the layers and ask questions about what’s really going on, and how you feel about it.

  • My daughter is upset at me that I can’t lift her anymore… because my back pain keeps getting worse.
  • My wife’s angry that I’m ruining her sleep… because I’ve been waking up multiple times a night.
  • I keep missing work deadlines… I just have zero energy, zero focus. 

As these active conversations unfold, and participants autonomously interact, vital health details and symptoms emerge, organically, in vernacular, rather than via off-putting, impersonal clinical questionnaires. With Supportiv’s proprietary and patented NLU-based matching, the most relevant care, resources, or services for each need can be shared and linked in real-time, right as the conversation unfolds and needs are expressed.

This is the humanized, consumerized care that will transform the way health care is delivered. This is Conversational Care™ from Supportiv.