Only a few weeks into 2021 and it’s clear that prioritizing mental and physical health is as important as it was during tumultuous 2020. A 2021 Mental Health Survival Guide in Thrive Global offers Supportiv among its tips and resources to remain grounded, healthy, and focused.

Will 2021 be another “rollercoaster” of a year? While we may only be heading up the first hill, we can all benefit from incorporating positive movement, adequate rest, and stress relief into our daily routine. Thrive Global author Z. Colette Edwards suggests combining these tools to promote health and prevent against COVID 19 infections. 

The Thrive Global piece suggests caring for one’s “emotional health and well-being” through a variety of professional online mental health resources including Supportiv for connection through group peer support. Supportiv, combined with other focused resources, provides a reliable and affordable plan to sustain mental well-being.

Finally, self-care involving taking the necessary steps to prevent COVID-19 infection were suggested, with all three tips providing an excellent base for stable health through this next ride of a year. 

As we are all on this 2021 ride together, we can best support one another by prioritizing our individual health and well-being. 

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