Supportiv co-founder Helena Plater-Zyberk recently spoke at the 2019 AHIP Expo, as part of a session demystifying applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare and related fields.

The talk, entitled “Game of Thrones Meets The Big Bang Theory: Why AI in Health Care is Way Cooler (and Less Scary) Than You Think,” gave a rundown of AI’s place within the healthcare industry. The goal was to discuss how the world of health and wellbeing may benefit from these novel uses of technology — like Supportiv!

For instance, Supportiv catches folks who either don’t want to or can’t go to therapy, giving them a safe space to talk it out.

The artificial intelligence-driven platform “delivers instantaneous, mass-market accessible mental health care for the 80% of adults with typical work stress, family pressures, sadness, anxiety or loneliness, who don’t want or need a therapist.”

Talking it out in a peer support chat lets users process struggles and find better coping mechanisms, before today’s issues spiral into crisis or chronic impairment.

Supportiv’s use of AI serves as a clear example of how artificial intelligence can only improve the healthcare industry. We can lay aside our fears of a robot uprising, to fight real crises of wellness that plague our country today — with AI.

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