Looking for a place to anonymously talk to strangers, judgement free? Online chatting doesn’t have to be a troll-filled free-for-all.

Online chatting can have a lot of benefits that talking in person lacks. At least when you’re in a safe space like a Supportiv chat.

To try it out, hit Chat Now, type what’s on your mind, and get connected to others in less than 2 minutes.

This online chatting experience has won multiple awards (including at SXSW®) for a reason…

What’s different about Supportiv?

It’s anonymous, 24/7, troll-free, judgement-free, and abuse-free.

Being anonymous means no fear of judgement, and no need to hold things in. You can express yourself freely and trust that your peers and the moderator are there to hear and help you.

We take zero personal information, never show you ads, and train our moderators to hear you rather than judge you.

Who can online chatting help?

We all have embarrassing, scary, difficult, and sometimes offputting thoughts. But if we never let these thoughts out, we can never address and work with them!

Maybe you made a mistake at work. You haven’t told anyone, and it’s eating you alive. We won’t think less of you.

Or maybe you have thoughts or feelings you’re not proud of but you can’t control. We’re really familiar with these kinds of uninvited thoughts, and we know it’ll feel better to just let them out.

Perhaps you are putting up with mistreatment at home, at work, or at school. You don’t want to report the situation yet, but you need to sort out what’s going on in a safe space.

At Supportiv, nobody has to know outside of the chat you’re in. And you never have to give any personal information.

Whatever you come to talk about, chatting about it feels good, especially when others can relate. Our anonymous online chats place you with others thinking about similar things. So you don’t have to feel like the odd man out.

Once you’ve expressed yourself openly, it becomes a lot easier to see how to move forward with your situation. Most users leave Supportiv’s online chats feeling lighter, more optimistic, and more prepared to take action against their struggles.

In summary: online chatting feels easier than talking in person. If you want to get something off your chest, an anonymous chat is a good place to start!

Hit the coral Chat Now button, enter a bit of what’s on your mind. You’ll be connected to others in our online chat, in less than 2 minutes!