What can you do before, during, and after a vacation, to successfully return to work? Find ideas for yourself or your employees.

“Vacations can reduce stress and improve mood, and it is essential that we all have the time we need to recharge. However, the vast majority of us have experienced a downside to vacation–as your time off comes to an end, you realize that you don’t feel ready to return to work.

It’s common to feel stress about going back to the grind. Coming back from vacation can feel like the Sunday Scaries, but worse. However, there are things you can do before, during, and after time off, so you will feel ready to launch back in.”

The biggest thing you and your employees can do to come back from vacation, swinging? Actually use this break as a time to rest, and avoid the trap of half-working, half-recharging.

Find checklist items for before, during, and after your vacation–for yourself, or to share with an employee: https://www.supportiv.com/work/emotional-readiness-to-work-after-a-vacation