Whether the holidays remind us of the family we have, or the family we don’t, tips highlighted from Supportiv in Bustle show us how to curb loneliness.

While some of us are blessed with good company, many of us are feeling the pressure of continued COVID restrictions coupled with the unfortunate familiar loneliness of not having a special someone for the holidays. 

We may feel that our loneliness is out of our control, so Supportiv CEO and co-founder Helena Plater-Zyberk reminds us to remember to use the holidays as a reason to “think about the friends you used to enjoy, but don’t see often anymore” and “use the holiday as a reason to ping them.” 

Helena addresses a very important part of mental health, where we often feel anxious or insecure connecting with others whom we have not connected with in a long time. While it can feel uncomfortable to reach out, the discomfort of loneliness is far worse. By nature, we are social and we need connection; thus, it can be empowering to be the one to start the conversation with an old friend.

Bustle also suggests curbing loneliness by making a new tradition, volunteering, spending time with close friends, being emotionally authentic, engaging in self-care, and being present with ones feelings. 

Differently, it is suggested not to dive into a new intimate relationship, with a healthier reaction to loneliness being reaching out to a friend, or seeking anonymous peer-to-peer support

While we may feel particularly vulnerable this holiday, more alone, and more in our feelings, we have the opportunity if we so choose to reach out and make connections despite travel restrictions. 

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