Best Colleges recently featured Supportiv in an expert Q&A forum on advice to students applying to and/or transitioning to college, when mental health challenges are a consideration.

Support Community Lead, Anisha Makhija, represented Supportiv in an interview discussing how to overcome mental health barriers when considering college options. As the editor mentions, “over half of college students report feeling “overwhelmingly anxious” during their studies,” which is why it is so important to address these barriers and provide support to students.

Some of the questions addressed include:

  • What advice would you give students who don’t believe they can attend college with mental health challenges?
  • What are some ways you suggest students start to build a long-distance support system if they are planning to attend college away from friends or family?
  • What do you feel are the most important attributes or characteristics a student with mental health challenges should consider when selecting a university experience and why?
  • What are the most significant roadblocks you have found students encounter once they attend college? What are some strategies/support resources to get through these situations?
  • And more!

Read through to see Anisha’s and other experts’ answers on how we can help students who struggle with their mental health during–and transitioning to–college, and how to evaluate if a college will be a good fit. 

To contact the author, email Anisha Makhija at