“You know how, sometimes, you can be surrounded by a sea of people, and still feel completely alone?” asks the Elite Daily piece featuring Suppotiv on ways to combat loneliness during the holiday season. 

The five featured tips include:

  • Talk about what you’re feeling with someone you trust
  • Honor and accept the emotions you’re experiencing
  • Consider avoiding social media
  • Be a rock for someone experiencing the same thing: “Think about how you can become a support network for other people around you, maybe your co-workers who are far from their families, elderly neighbors who have trouble getting out and about, local exchange students,” Helena Plater-Zyberk, co-founder of Supportiv, tells Elite Daily. “Flip your perspective and see how you can spend time with them so they’re not lonely. This gives you purpose, something self-fulfilling that fills any void you feel in your own life.”
  • Reserve time for yourself

To read more about the tips, check out: https://www.elitedaily.com/p/5-tips-for-combating-loneliness-during-the-holidays-that-will-hopefully-lift-your-spirit-13260680

To contact the author, email Anisha Makhija at anisha@supportiv.com