Rejection is inevitable. From dating and relationships to academic clubs and work aspirations, we are at its mercy. I AM & CO cites our Supportiv co-founder’s tips on how to bounce back.

Here are “12 ways to deal with rejection” outlined in the article:

  • Identify Your Feelings
  • Recognize Rejection As A Learning Experience
  • Study Past Rejections — this one’s from Supportiv.

Co-founder of Supportiv, Helena Plater-Zyberk says: “My number one tip is to draw from your own past experience of when you’ve overcome a previously difficult situation. This grounds you, and reminds you that setbacks are not permanent obstacles, even though they may feel like it at the time.”

  • Change Your Perspective
  • Figure Out Your Coping Mechanism
  • Don’t Take It Personally
  • Be Nice To Yourself
  • Set Some Small Goals
  • Visualize
  • Think About A Life-Strategy
  • Reinforce Your Belief In Yourself
  • Praise Yourself

Check out the whole piece, here.