In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Supportiv has just released a new collection of articles for those struggling with depression — whatever your symptoms, and whatever their cause, there’s probably something new for you in here.

In a press release, Co-Founder Pouria Mojabi shares the drive behind Supportiv’s new content: “So many suffer from symptoms of depression, and have been led to mistakenly believe that the root cause is the same for everyone. That’s been a belief for decades, but now we are seeing great variation in the why and how so many of us struggle.”

Co-Founder Helena Plater-Zyberk continues: “Knowledge is power, and we want every individual to be empowered in their own mental wellness journey.”

The new collection aims to tease apart different causes and lesser-known symptoms of depression — helping people become informed about their own struggle.

Topics include: inflammatory depression, meeting your own emotional needs, the side effects of cognitive behavioral therapy, and beating brain fog. The list goes on!

Explore the articles for quality information and supportive tips on your depression journey, at