At From Day One, Dallas 2023, Supportiv’s Senior Director of Clinical Oversight, Dr. Harpreet Nagra, shared real-world insights from the success of Supportiv’s program across the country. Along with fellow panelists, she discussed the myriad ways in which employers can efficiently, empathetically address the needs of their workforce. 

Below, find a summary of Harpreet’s take, or contact Supportiv ( for more information on counteracting workplace loneliness and its drain on productivity.

“The companies that will succeed in our ever-changing society will be the ones who recognize the power of inclusivity and ‘techquity’ in the workforce.

By investing in solutions that expand care access beyond traditional channels, employers nurture the wellbeing necessary for productivity; while simultaneously building trust and empathy in hard-to-reach segments of the workforce, which further strengthens corporate communities.

Case in point: Supportiv’s mental, emotional, and social wellbeing solution speaks to more diverse groups of individuals, at a lower cost than “the usual” mental health solutions – and without relying on chatbots to offset costs.

As remote work and cultural divides have fragmented traditional workplace communities, personalized, inclusive support for employee wellbeing is more important now than ever. We’re entering a new era, in which technology and the cross-pollination of ideas enables employers to better support diverse groups of employees – while minimizing the costs of providing such support. 

Gone are the days of choosing between the company’s bottom line and employees’ wellbeing. As the adage goes, ‘both can be true.’ For success in this day and age, both have to be true.

Employees can feel seen, heard, and cared for, while employers can catch low-acuity emotional struggles before those struggles spiral into productivity-throttling crises – at 1/10th the cost of clinical options. That’s the Supportiv model.”