Our Supportiv co-founder recently sat down with the host of the TV series Finding The Good Life with Dr. Gene. The episode highlighted how much easier it is to share emotional struggles in an anonymous way, and how peer support can improve your health and well-being.

What if there were people available 24/7 to ask you: What’s your struggle? …and to actually understand what you’re going through? Dr. Eugene Antenucci and Supportiv’s Helena Plater-Zyberk discuss how sharing our struggles can help us live better lives on “Finding The Good Life.”

In our world, and especially with what’s going on now, we have more stress to vent about than ever. But sometimes it doesn’t feel right to open up to those closest to us; they might be struggling, themselves, or have their own frustrations to deal with.

Another concern is that maybe we feel weird sharing our struggles–we’re embarrassed or worried about being judged.

As Dr. Gene highlights: “Connecting with peers going through the same life struggle has been proven as useful, and often more effective than therapy, in dozens of clinically-validated research studies.” So how can we accomplish this without feeling embarrassed or even more stressed?

Supportiv is featured on Finding The Good Life as a place “to feel safe and validated about what’s going on in your life.” It’s a place to talk about your struggles so you can feel better and live a better life.

Helena and Dr. Gene point out the ease of a 24/7, anytime, drop-in support group, versus one that you schedule in advance: “You don’t have to think, I’m going to go talk about stress relief on Tuesday at 7pm.” You just hit Chat Now whenever you’re feeling like talking.

And the anonymity makes it so “you don’t have to feel like someone is going to discover on your phone what you’ve been talking about.” No personal information is required, and you don’t have to create an account to start letting it out and feeling supported. Anyone who’s struggling can try anonymous peer support at Supportiv, as a fast-track to relieving stress, feeling better, and finding the good life.

Just answer one question: What’s your struggle?

The full video of Supportiv on FTGL can be watched here.