In a recent article, Healthline shares 9 steps to stay motivated at work when you’re mentally struggling – with help from Supportiv!

The article, by Sarah Fielding, suggests a number of ways to keep motivated, including reviewing your progress, planning your day in advance, and creating a motivating playlist.

Supportiv’s featured tip is to break your tasks into the smallest possible parts.

You get a dopamine rush every time you finish a task, no matter how small — so the more to-do’s you can cross off in succession, the more motivated you’ll stay.

The effect of crossing something off your list doesn’t “last very long, but it’s enough of a boost to get you through when you’re unmotivated,” Supportiv’s Community Lead shares with Healthline.

Sometimes we’re unmotivated because we can’t stop thinking about something unrelated to work. Getting it off your chest might help boost your productivity – and we’re here 24/7 to listen.