In a piece for HIT Consultant, Dr. Rosemary Ku lauds the potential of digital peer support platforms like Supportiv, which “harness the power of peer support to improve health outcomes.”

Dr. Ku’s article examines the power of social connectedness to improve not just mental but also physical health. She also details how digital peer support programs can effectively help patients achieve necessary social connection:

“Social connectedness is so critical to human life that loneliness is more dangerous than obesity and isolation can increase mortality by 30%. Peer support, which is a system of giving and receiving help from others with a shared experience, not only increases social connectedness but also creates opportunities for participants to connect with their peers and exchange practical tips for how to overcome the challenges they face in the course of their daily lives.”

Dr. Ku goes on to offer three key considerations regarding digital peer support solutions:

  1. “Peer support can be applicable to a wide range of conditions,”
  2. “Regardless of whether peer support is provided through one-on-one interactions, groups, in person, or digitally, peer coaches and group moderators always need to be sufficiently trained,” and
  3. “Peer support programs should not be thought of as a standalone offering but instead should be integrated with the rest of the healthcare system.”

Supportiv exemplifies all of the above considerations, with its ability to accommodate any struggle, extensive moderator training, and availability as an enterprise health solution.

For more, read the full article on the power of digital peer support platforms like Supportiv. Or, experience peer support for yourself.