Younger generations are misunderstood. Aside from the confusion around how to label them, (Gen X? Millennials? Generation Z? Any of the above?), those trying to help them often have no idea how these younger minds operate.

Supportiv’s Support Community Lead, Anisha Makhija, is a fairly recent college graduate and mental health advocate. Falling right on the cusp between Millennials and Generation Z, her experiences as a student in the mental health field have opened her eyes.

She now has a unique take on her generation’s needs. And, of course, ideas for how schools, employers, and healthcare companies can better meet those needs.

In a recent Medium article, she explains these ideas and shares how the technology boom shaped the way her generation thinks. She also clarifies how this different mindset has warped Millennials’ and Gen. Zers’ mental health struggles: “67% of millennials say that they feel ‘extreme’ pressure to succeed versus only 23% of baby boomers.”

Anisha then details the challenges of accessing mental healthcare services. These challenges present both on-campus and also in the post-graduation working world.

For example, if “suicide is the third leading cause of death among” college students, how can we expect mental wellness to improve after college? Furthermore, how can mental health improve upon exiting college’s complex support system and entering the isolating workforce?

Read the full article to learn more about how tech like Supportiv can counter the younger generation’s isolation and mental wellness problems.