Contributing to a HowStuffWorks article, Supportiv Co-Founder and CEO Helena Plater-Zyberk shares one simple way to be there for a friend going through cancer.

When you want to help a friend who has cancer, sometimes the best approach is a more passive one. With their mind already racing, overwhelmed with both practical and existential concerns, it’s ok to keep your involvement low-key.

Helena shares that: “The thing your friend may need most right now is a steady, calm presence to just listen or simply be there for them. You can read a book, or scroll on your phone nearby, but don’t worry about initiating tough conversations or filling the void. Just make yourself available, and your friend will talk when it feels right to them.”

There’s often no need to force action or jump to the rescue–and in fact, your quiet companionship may be the most helpful thing you can offer. This approach can allow your friend or loved one to feel supported while maintaining their personal sense of empowerment.

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