You’ve probably known for a long time, but Bustle lays out the truth, with the help of Supportiv: your emotional wellbeing and physical health are connected!

From ever-evolving medical research, we now know that emotional pain can get stored physically — and in surprising ways.

It’s not just about trauma, or severe emotional struggles. On the contrary, anyone can experience emotional overstimulation as weird physical phenomena.

So many of us struggle with the emotional/physical pain crossover, often unknowingly. So, Supportiv shared some insight with Bustle on how to tell whether your physical symptoms could be helped by addressing emotional pain…

Jordan Bissell, of Bustle, includes signs such as hair shedding, digestive problems, and skin problems. Amongst the other signals listed, Supportiv contributes #11: Tingly Tops of Arms and Hands.

“A tingling sensation on the tops of your arms and hands can be a direct experience of the fight or flight response” Supportiv’s Community Development Lead shares with Bustle. She continues: “Your muscles are involuntarily tensing to fight, and the change in blood flow causes a tingly sensation.”

When you feel random numbness and tingling in your forearms or down your hands, step back and try to notice: is there any emotional pain or overstimulation you could address right now?

Try some quick anxiety calming tips, or type your thoughts into Supportiv to get realtime peer support.

Talking it out might get rid of the emotional pain’s pesky physical manifestations.

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