Men’s Health has featured Supportiv as a tool for men during Mental Health Month. Anonymous, moderated chats make it possible for men to take care of their emotional wellbeing, sharing their struggles without shame.

The article in Men’s Health Magazine features the story of how Pouria Mojabi, Supportiv Co-Founder, realized how hard it was for men like him to open up about their struggles. This realization, and his experiences with in-person support groups, led him to enter the mental health space, team up with Helena Plater-Zyberk, and start Supportiv: an app providing anonymous, moderated peer support chats, 24/7, without the traditional barriers of in-person support groups or therapy.

In the piece, Pouria recounts to author Gina Loveless how “stuffing down my feelings usually came back as intense anger towards random things.” Many men feel uncontrollable anger in place of other emotions, because it’s the only emotion men are “allowed.”

The stigma toward men’s emotions keeps men from sharing their struggles; but, as Pouria realized, expressing yourself is really the only way to manage and process the emotions we all have.

Pouria was prompted to start Supportiv when he noticed the difficulty of accessing in-person mental health support: “I continued to explore the healthcare space for emotional and mental well-being resources. I was shocked by how little was available other than therapy. Of course therapy is an available option for some, but the stigma, cost, and intimidating process can make it difficult.”

The full article can be found here at Men’s Health, where a code is offered for readers to try one month of Supportiv access, free.