At Mental Health America’s Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio chapter’s 6th Annual Education Summit, Supportiv’s Director of Content was invited to present on “Breaking Barriers to Post-Traumatic Social Support and Post-Traumatic Growth.”

Generally, the summit “pairs subject matter experts with emerging, evidence-based practices relating to mental health and wellness.” Even mental health professionals (like the “hundreds of social workers, counselors, educators, behavioral health practitioners, emergency services providers, peers” attending this event) can sometimes use a refresher on the lived perspectives of the people they aim to support.

In this event, put on by MHANKYSWOH, Christina Beck, Supportiv’s Director of Content, synthesized nuanced mental health consumer perspectives, empowering care providers to break barriers to post traumatic support seeking – and, therefore, post traumatic growth.

During Christina’s CEU-eligible session, special emphasis was placed on key concepts like intersectionality, marginalization, paternalism, and the personal responsibility fallacy. Understanding these concepts helps providers offer enhanced empathy, in order to break barriers to post-traumatic social support (one of the main predictors of post-traumatic growth).

Supportiv is a go-to setting to receive such culturally humble, understanding social support, but that openness toward care-seekers should exist in all sorts of care settings.

Participants in the event expressed hope that these nonjudgmental tenets of care will eventually become the norm in physical and mental healthcare settings. Until then, Supportiv continues to do its best to advocate for those whose voices are often ignored.

If you’d like to learn more about Supportiv’s approach to breaking barriers to post-traumatic growth, anywhere at any time, email