Popular financial advice website MoneyGeek features Supportiv as an affordable way to access mental health support during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The article in MoneyGeek, entitled “How to Access and Afford Mental Health Treatment During the Coronavirus,” shares information and resources that contextualize how inaccessible yet necessary mental health intervention is right now. It describes the value of peer support at a time like this, and lists Supportiv as a go-to site for on-demand support.

via MoneyGeek

Especially as clinical providers are overwhelmed by demand in response to the pandemic, our society needs stopgap measures for those who can’t or prefer not to attend therapy, but who need support.

Supportiv delivers 24/7 peer support, accessible any time, with trained moderators and real people to relate to. No personal information is collected–just choose a screen-name, and get connected to others in less than 2 minutes.

From the article: “Supportiv is a peer-support network that matches people into groups in real-time, based on the type of struggles they’re facing. Trained facilitators moderate each group to ensure users’ safety and make referrals if necessary.”

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