MSN’s BestLife Online features a very supportive tip, from our co-founder Helena: Ignoring self care and your emotional needs can impact your health – especially in your 40s.

It’s never easy to pay attention to our own needs. But as we enter our 40s, our attention becomes stretched especially thin: “In our 40s we are invested in our careers and in acting as caregivers, both parenting youngsters and stepping in when help is needed with older generations,” shares Supportiv’s co-founder Helena Plater-Zyberk, in the article.

Individuals may need to put in an extra effort to take care of themselves, when everyone else needs their help. While the article’s author suggests booking a facial or taking a nap, Supportiv has a different take on self care.

Helena continues: “With all these time commitments, the mistake is that we don’t devote time to our self-care and to maintaining our own support network community.”

Self care doesn’t have to involve spending money. Getting in touch with your emotional needs helps, without spending; and many of us underestimate the power of community.

Build a network of people you know will be there for you – and whom you can be there for in return. Can’t think of anyone who fits the bill? There’s a whole community of people here, available 24/7 to listen and understand.

Sometimes the best thing for our mental health is just seeing that we’re not crazy, and we’re not alone in how we feel. We need to know that our experiences are not alien to others, and that others can understand and even relate.

That’s something only community can provide.