Supportiv has published a new addition to its Identity article collection, focusing on Teen Identity. The new articles center marginalized teen experiences that often go unaddressed in the world of wellbeing – while presenting paths forward, informed by lived experience.

Supportiv Co-Founder & CEO Helena Plater-Zyberk explains why Supportiv publishes these perspectives, by and for marginalized individuals: “Feeling misunderstood exacerbates many mental and emotional challenges. By centering the voices of people who have felt ‘othered’ by their identity and experiences, we want to send a message: you may feel different from those around you, but you’re not an anomaly in the world. There are people who feel just like you, and you can even get connected to them online. There is power in that knowledge.”

Student writers from around the US delve into marginalized perspectives and emotional struggles related to identity. Newly published titles in the Teen Identity article collection ( include:

  • Belonging In The Deaf Community When You Grew Up ‘Hearing’ | Larisa Draaisma
  • Being Gay and Latino: Loving Your Culture That May Not Love You | David Artiga
  • The Cultural Clash Of An Iraqi Teen Immigrant In America | Dona Jazrawy
  • The Pressure And Pride Of A First-Gen Latina College Student | Jacqueline Juarez
  • When Your Parent Has a Mental Health Condition | Allison Roberts
  • Replacing Toxic Masculinity With Masculine Vulnerability | Xander Wells
  • Triggered Teens: The Reality Of Gun Violence | Angie Novoa
  • Mental Health Struggles Among Rural Teen Immigrants in America | Sana Arabolu
  • Dealing With Imposter Syndrome As A First-Generation Latinx Student | Jessie Garcia
  • Leaving The Church Without The Freedoms Of Adulthood | Ashley Baldwin
  • Labels, Labels Everywhere: Are They Actually Helpful? | Alexandria Wyers
  • When Mental Health Is Dismissed In Black Families | Mary Pittman
  • Life Inside The Latina Mother Daughter Dynamic | Genevieve Martinez
  • How Sexualized Fiction Impacts Young Women | Catherine Langworth
  • Being An Outlier: Notes From A Queer Asian American Catholic | Dawn Nguyen
  • When You’re A LGBTQIA+ Teen In Rural America… | Emme Garfield
  • Teens Navigating Secondary Trauma Together | Shandy Clark
  • Being Bilingual In A Monolingual Immigrant Family | Juanita Hurtado
  • Comfortably Me: Individualism In A Society Full Of Trends | Mari Maxey
  • Discarding Tokenism And Forming Your Own Identity As A POC | Destiny McCray

Co-Founder Pouria Mojabi emphasizes the impact of these new additions to Supportiv’s Identity collection: “Especially if you’re a teen, if you live in a rural area, or if you’re an immigrant, you’re even more likely to feel different. Everyone has experiences that are hard to explain or to discuss in-person. But when people connect digitally, it’s easier both to start more complex conversations, and to find those people who truly have been there and know what you’re talking about.”

Read the whole set of nuanced perspectives on common, yet under-addressed struggles at Or, use Supportiv’s online peer support to find connection with others who can understand your marginalized struggle.