“While there’s a plethora of companies pursuing telemedicine and app-based services to treat high-acuity mental health conditions,” says StartU, “few aim to specifically address the more common struggles of the population” like Supportiv.

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A recent article by Columbia MBA, Alex Efron, opens by depicting the nation’s mental health crisis. Efron then goes on to interview co-founders Helena Plater-Zyberk and Pouria Mojabi to see how Supportiv is working to solve that crisis.

Supportiv can help solve the critical question of how to expand access to care while maintaining quality. 

The article talks about how Helena and Pouria came together to create this company and the vast success they’ve had with it, with users reporting that it is the “convenience, specificity, and immediacy of the on-demand platform that keeps them coming back.”

To read all about it, check out https://thestartu.com/northeast-supportiv-alex-efron/.